Barium carbonicum homeopathic granules

homoeopathic granules

(are produced in dilution C6)
Trade nomination of the preparation: homoeopathic granules BARIUM CARBONICUM
Registration code: Р N 003577/01-016
Manufacturing enterprise: Ltd. "OLLO", Russia.
Drug formulation: Homoeopathic granules.
Formula: Active component: homoeopathic dilution Barium Carbonicum C6 - 1,0 g.
Auxiliary components: homoeopathic granules (sugar semolina) - 100,0 g.
Indications for use: children adenoid vegetation, children mental deficiency, only on homoeopathist's orders.
Contra indications and side effects: not diagnosed.
Special instructions: The therapy with preparation barium carbonicum is worthwhile to conduct after preliminary physician's consultation.
Posology and method of administration: only on homoeopathist's orders.
It is not recommended to use species, tangerines, alcohol for food during application of homoeopathic preparation.

Interaction with other medicinal preparation:
Negative interaction of the preparation Barium carbonicum with other medicinal preparation is not diagnosed.