Sinupret drops

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Trade nomination of the preparation: Sinupret
Drug formulation: drops for oral administration.

100g of Sinupret drops contain 29 g. of water-alcohol extract of the following kinds of medicinal herbal raw material:
Active components:
gentian root (Gentians lutea) 0.2g
primrose florets (Primula veris) 0.6g
dock (Rurnex acetosa) 0.6g
elderberry florets (Sambucus nigra) 0.6g
verbena (Verbena officinalis) 0.6g
Ethanol contain: 16-19% (v/v)
Auxiliary substances: treated water 71.0 g

Description: transparent liquid of yellow-brown color with aromatic smell. Light precipitation and turbidness is possible in the process of the storage.

Pharmacotherapeutic group: the remedy of the vegetative origin for the treatment of the nasal diseases.

Code ATX: R07AX.

Pharmacological properties:
Combined preparation of the vegetative origin.
Pharmacological properties respond to biologically active substances, which are the part of the preparation. Sinupret produces secretolytic, secretomotor, anti-inflammatory effect. It is conductive to deflux of effusion from the accessory sinuses of the nose and upper respiratory tract.

Indications for use:
Acute and chronic sinuitis, which are accompanied with the formation of mucilaginous secretion.

Contra indications: hyper sensibility to the components of the preparation, alcoholism, children age (up to 2 years). It is not recommended to apply preparation after the successful anti-alcohol treatment.
Carefully: hepar diseases, epilepsy, diseases and traumas of cerebrum (application is possible only after consultation with the physician).

Posology and method of administration: orally, dissolving with small amount of water.
Adults: by 50 drops 3 times a day.
School children: by 25 drops 3 times a day.
Children from 2 to 6 years: по 15 капель 3 times a day.
Treatment course is 7-14 days. It is necessary to consult a physician if the symptoms remain the same for more than 7-14 days or repeat periodically.

Application during pregnancy and breast-feeding period:
The application of Sinupret during pregnancy is possible only after the physician's indication; because of alcohol content, it is possible to apply drops Sinupret only in the cases when it is impossible the application of Sinupret pills. It is not recommended to apply preparation during breast-feeding period (because of the lack of experience of clinical management).

Side effects: allergic response is possible (skin rush, flushed skin, itching, angioedema, breathlessness). The pains in the upper part of stomach are possible; nausea. It is necessary to stop application at the appearing of side effects and to consult a physician.

Overdosage: the application of the preparation of the dosage more than therapeutic, will lead to alcohol intoxication. It is necessary to consult a physician in this case. 16g. of ethyl alcohol come into the body after the application of the whole bottle of preparation (100 ml.).

Interaction with other medication:
The combination with antibacterial medicine is possible and efficient. The interaction with other medicine is not found up to the present time.

Special remarks:
16.0-19.0% of ethanol contains in the preparation (volume in volume). The bottle is ought to storage in the vertical position after application. Light turbidity or deposition of sediment is possible during the process of storage, which does not influence on the effectiveness of the preparation. The preparation does not decrease the ability to drive a car or work with mechanisms, which demand increased attention, if the application is made in recommended dosage. Shake before application!

Form of issue: drops for oral administration, drops are in bottles of dark glass by 100 ml. with measuring device by drop infusion, with screw lid with resistance ring and dose-measuring cup on the top, it is placed into fold cardboard pack together with prescription.

Storage conditions: keep in dry and shadowed place, at temperature up to 25оС; keep away from children.

Expire date: 3 years. Do not use preparation if the expiry date (month and year) printed on the pack has passed.
Keep open bottles during 6 months.

Pharmacy purchasing terms: Without receipt.

Manufacturing enterprise:
BIONORIKA AG D-92318 Neumarkt/Germany
Kerschenstaistrasse 11-15
92318 Neumarkt 

Representative office in Moscow
119 526, Moscow, Vernadski prospect, house 105, building 2
phone. 502-90-19.