"The best family drink"

Competition of the Professional Association of Naturotherapists "The best family drink"

Introduction. Current disposition is worked out according to the regulations of NO "Professional Association of Naturotherapists" with the purposes to contribute to applying the leading medical(pharmaceutic) technologies into the native production, for the broader reach of the Russian Federation citizens with the good alimentary and healthful production on the base of the natural components.

I. Goals and tasks
II. Subject-matters
III. Competition nominations
IV. Order of presenting the patterns
V. Order of holding an expert analysis
VI. Methods of quality evaluation
VII. Order of Competition awarding
VIII. Competition calendar

I. Goals and tasks

1.1. Expert quality analyses of the non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks with the curative and healthful properties.
1.2. Customers informing
1.3. Contribution to the producing and provision the medical, healthful, pre-school and scholastic institutions with the high-qualified production
1.4. Satiety of the consumer's market with the qualified production on the base of the natural components, alternative to the manufactured non-alcoholic drinks.
1.5. Guarantee of the fineness and origin of the product.
1.6. Specification of the best native natural non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks for the different age categories.
1.7. Control of the fraud and unfair competition.
1.8. Contribution to the promoting of the best native and foreign products and informing the citizens of the Russian Federation about them.

II. Subject-matters

Competition "Best Family Drink" is held with the purpose to specify the best Russian and foreign drinks, as containing alcohol as non-alcoholic ones with the curative and healthful properties.
The organizer of the competition is "Professional Association of Naturotherapists".
Enterprises - producers of the different forms of the ownership, Russian companies - importers, distributors, individual and private entrepreneurs, producing food and dietary supplement can be applicants.
Expert commission is built up for the holding the competition. An expert commission has a right to choose by itself the method of estimating exhibits presented. The results of the estimating are the ground for the awarding. Organizing committee of the competition sets the order for holding all events in terms of competition.

III. Competition nominations

• 1. Non-alcoholic drinks on the base of the natural components ( with the curative, healthful properties, used for the different age categories);
• 2.Drinks, containing ethanol (with the curative or healthful properties);
• 3. Mineral waters;
• 4. Discovery of the year.

IV. Order of presenting the patterns

Request applications for the participation in the Competition are sent to the Organizing committee till 25th, May, 2010
Production patterns are sent to the Competition in amount of 50 liters (nomination 1, 3) and 5 liters (nomination 2) in the marketable style and factory package at the address of Organizing Committee. The size of the production patterns according to the nomination 4 depends on its character and matches nominations 1-3.
License copy, code certificate or declaration request, price-list for the production presented, booklets, testimonials should be attached to the each pattern.
Since the moment of passing on the patterns become the property of the organizers and is not a subject to return or to replace.
Production patterns without associated documents needed or without payment of the registration contributory are not allowed for the competition.

V. Order of holding an expert analysis

Expert analysis of the production is held by the Expert commission. The composition of the Commission is approved by the Organizer. Patterns are codified under the numbers for the objective estimating on the degustation, and without telling the taster the name of the producer. The results of degustation are confirmed by the records.

VI.Methods of quality evaluation

Quality evaluation of the drinks is held according to the following criteria:
• Organoleptic indicators by GOST and TC
• Absence of the colorants, sweeteners, filler of the synthetic origin
• Stability of the high quality level of the production presented
• Moderate prices for the wide range of consumers
• Absence of the scrapping in the retail trade network

VII. Order of Competition awarding

Following main types of awards are set according to the results of the Competition:
• "Gold medal" of NO "Professional Association of Naturotherapists" with the Winner Certificate award
• Awarding the Degree to Diploma winner with the Diploma itself.
The winner of "Gold medal" has a right to use its image on the spot label and while advertising the production.

VIII. Competition calendar

Organizing committee sets a following term for the Competition:
Building up an Expert Commission till 20th, May, 2010
Participants' registration - till 1st, September, 2010
Patterns approval - till 1st, September, 2010
Degustation -1st,October,2010

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