About Association

Non-profit organization «Professional Association of Naturotherapists» (NO PAN) was founded in December of 2008 in order to increase the cost efficiency of the member- companies' work, including the crisis time, by means of manufacturing high quality products and services that guarantee safety for the population while using them.

Scientifically proved implementation of the traditional medicine means and methods into everyday medical practice in terms of existing legislation and in order to increase efficacy and safety of the Russian Public Health system.

Goal of the Association is the coordination of the Association members entrepreneurship, representation and protection of their common interests for the every possible increasing of the traditional medicine role in solving of the national wide tasks in public health care of the country, further development of the traditional medicine within the terms of the healthcare system of the RF, contribution to the more effective using of means and methods of the traditional medicine in the processes of diseases prevention, diagnosis and treatment, medical rehabilitation.
As well as public and educational awareness among specialists (doctors, pharmaceutical workers, producers) and people in the field of appropriate using of the medication and dietary supplement of the natural origin, registered in the RF according to the law.


  • Value the good name of the Association members and their production
  • Always rely on the official normative base
  • Are in the fixed contact with the healthcare, regulatory and controlling authorities
  • Contribute to the working out, introducing and promotion of the new traditional medical technologies and preparations of the natural origin(natural medications and homeopathic preparations, dietary supplement, cosmetics, production for the dentistry and keeping fit)
  • Contribute to the promotion of the objective and reliable information about the products and services in the field of naturotherapy
  • Are not constrained in the limits of strictly professional and manufacturing frameworks, contribute to the fruitful contacts of the producers, specialists and people

• Representation and protection of the corporate interests of the Association members on the regional, federal and international industrial levels
• Providing the specialists and people with the reliable information about the products of the natural origin (medications, dietary supplement, apiculture products, food, dentistry and cosmetics products), as well as services in the field of traditional medicine, including naturotherapy
• Promotion of the high quality products of the member companies on the regional, federal and international levels
• Consolidation of the Association members' efforts in the name of companies-producers, companies- off takers and companies - consumers for the stimulating of the high quality production and service release
• Status advancement of the as Association, as its members; forming of the public opinion, connecting membership in Association with the release and off take of only quality products and services.
• Creation of the favorable image of the Association members, their production and services as on the market, as among the consumers - doctors, pharmacists and people of any age categories
• Increasing of the level of economic value of the Association members committed facilities
• Business development and customer retention

- Federal Scientific Clinical - Experimental Centre of the Traditional methods of diagnosis and treatment www.tmh.a2b.ru
- "Meta" Education Foundation, founded in 2004 by N.Cvetkov, Director-General of "URALSIB" FIC
- TBN Group of Companies, founded in 1994, Moscow www.tbngroup.com