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NEE CPE "General Homeopathic School" together with the FSI "Federal Scientific Clinic - Experimental Centre of the Traditional Methods of the diagnosis and treatment", NO "Professional Association of the Naturotherapists" hold courses of the elementary training and postgraduate education, based on the subject "General Improvement of the Phytotherapy", lasting for 216 hours and including thematic improvement on the "Scientifically Based Resources of Using Phytotherapy in Carcinology"(72 hours).
General part of the course includes lectures on the elements of phytotherapy, pharmacognosy and clinical phytotherapy.
Training starts from the middle of January,2010 after final formation of the group(once a week, Thursdays, 15.00-19.30)
For not local students courses are held in April-May,2010, 9.45 - 19.30 every day without weekends (one hour for the lunch break). Time schedule of the training will be specified later.

Cost of the General Improvement Courses (thematic improvement included) - 17 000 RUB
Cost of the Thematic Improvement Courses - 6250 RUB
There is a 20% discount on the all subjects of thematic improvement for the students, having practiced general improvement on our base.
Doctors, pharmaceutists, sick nurses, druggists and experts of the license committees are invited to the courses of the general and thematic improvement on phytotherapy.
Completing the course, doctors of the medical specializations are given a certificate of the standard pattern that gives a right for getting license on phytotherapy on the whole territory of the Russian Federation. Persons with the pharmaceutical or secondary medical education will be given an official document of the standard pattern after completing the course.
Training includes desk studies, discussion groups and practice. Individual training on the working place of one of the clinical base FSKEC TMDT and mobile ways of work are available.

Information, consultations of the specialists and previous entry for the course:
(495) 611-51-56, 611-53-56, 784-22-09; 8-903-291-63-59

General Homeopathic School at FSI Federal Scientific Clinic - Experimental Centre
of the Traditional Methods of the diagnosis and treatment"
offers you following courses and discussion groups on homeopathy:

General Improvement (216 hours)

Completing the course you are given a certificate of the state pattern, giving you a right for the professional licensing.
25th, November, 2009 - 15th, April, 2010(Thursdays,15.00-20.00)
17th, April - 30th, April training with the main group.
Cost of the course 23000 RUB, if paying for 2 weeks - 21500 RUB.
Since June - 24000 RUB, if paying for 2 weeks - 22500 RUB/for a month - 21500 RUB.
Following periods:
16.03.10 - 17.04.10, 04.06.10 - 07.07.10

Thematic Improvement (72 hours)
Completing the course you are given a diploma of the state pattern on the advanced training.
Subject: "Modern aspects and methods in homeopathy"
07.04.10 - 17.04.10
28.06.10 - 07.07.10
Cost of the course - 10000 RUB (if paying for 2 weeks - 8500 RUB)
Since June - 11000 RUB (if paying for 2 weeks - 9500 RUB)

Course of the INTERNET EDUCATION on the homeopathy in terms of the "GENERAL IMPROVEMENT" (216 hours)

Training has two steps:
2 weeks - individual studying of the material given with the testing via Internet anytime you like
2 weeks - practice on the clinical bases of the school (students join the main group)
Cost of the course - 24800 RUB
Cost of the Internet course - 10000 RUB
Course of the thematic improvement (Internet course)
1st step - individual studying of the material given with the testing via Internet (5 lectures)
2d step - practice on the base of the CSS in the terms of any courses of Thematic Improvement (5 lectures)
Cost of the Internet course - 6250 RUB
Cost of the Thematic Improvement course - 11200 RUB

Introductory Course for the Beginners by M.Ashikhmina
"Method of searching the vital esthesia" (by R.Shankaran)
30th, September, 2008 - 30th, June, 2009, Tuesdays 17.30, twice a month
SUBJECT: "Homeopathy in Pediatry", T.Pokrovskaya, 22.09.10 - 03.10.10
SUBJECT: "Method of R.Shankaran" (72 hours)
17th, May - 27th, May 2010
Cost: 14000 RUB (if paying for 2 weeks - 12000 RUB)
SUBJECT: "Method of J.Vitulkas" (72 hours)
First part - May, 2010
Cost: 6000 RUB (if paying for 2 weeks - 5000 RUB)
Second part - September, 2010
THEMATIC IMPROVEMENT on the Homeopathy in Veterinary Medicine (144 hours)
Time schedule of 2010 will be specified later.
Training: 15.00 - 20.00 on the weekdays, 11.00-16.00 Saturdays

-Discussion group of E.Kuzmina "Urinary Stone Disease. Animals Nephatony".
18th, November 15.00-20.00
-Discussion group of A.Makarchuk "Cure of the horses' obstructive bronchitis".
21st, November, 11.00-17.00. Cost of the discussion group 1300 RUB, if paying for 2 weeks - 1100 RUB.
-Discussion group of Mark Bauer, homeopath- veterinarian from Switzerland.
5th, March - 7th, March, 2010. "Important Subjects in Veterinary Homeopathy". 11.00, address is: conference hall of 92d polyclinic, Nikolopeskovskiy Avenue, b. 4.
Cost 200 Euro, if paying till 30th, December - 160 Euro. Previous entry.

Discussion groups of M.Ashikhmina
"Choosing of homeopathic medication according to R.Shankaran method". 27th, March, 2010
Subject: "Carbon is the unflagging element (continuation)"
Discussion group of O.Agrinskiy
"Homeopathic approach to autoimmune diseases in pulmonology". 24th, April, 2010
Cost of the discussion group 1500 RUB, if paying for 2 weeks - 1200 RUB.
Discussion group of Jonathan Hardy "Homeopathic medications from the mammals". 25th, June - 27th, June, 2010
Leading experts CSS organize practice for the beginners - homeopaths on Wednesdays 17.30 - 20.00.
1)2 lessons a month - patients' visits and discussion with the group (free of charge)
2)2 lessons a month - experience analyses and information about medication (cost of the lesson - 300 RUB)

Workshop conferences

Conference - discussion group of the classic homeopathy
"Experience of using method of searching the vital esthesia" (by R.Shankaran)

22d, May, 2010, 11.00-18.00
Cost: 800 RUB(organizing contribution, printed matter)
You can apply for the conference by e-mail or calling on the phone (985) 784-22-11.
Adress is: conference hall of 92d polyclinic, Nikolopeskovskiy Avenue, b. 4.

10th, April, 2010
On the programme of conference:
ROUND TABLE and REPORTS of Russian and foreign homeopaths
Place will be specified later.
Free entrance

Adress of CSS : Vuchetich Street,b.12 A,Moscow
Metro stations: Dmitrovskaya, Timiryazevskaya,Dimano
(495) 611-51-56, (985) 784-22-09, e-mail:

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