15.11.2011 International congress "Physical and mental health: traditions and innovations"
Place: Moscow, Russia
15-16, November, 2011
22.10.2010 Academic and Research Conference "TRADITIONAL MEDICINE AND ORTHDOXY"
Place: Moscow, Russia
22-23d, October, 2010
26.02.2010 Conference “Homeopathy as a perspective trend of the modern medicine”
Place: Tyumen, Russia
26th, February, 2010 - 27th, February, 2010
14.12.2009 Visit of the NO “Professional Association of Naturotherapists” delegation to the TCM Academy (Peking, PRC)
Place: Peking, PRC
14th, December, 2009 - 21st, December,2009
25.10.2009 I Conference of Russian Naturotherapists
Place: Moscow, Russia
24.10.2009 IV Russian Homeopathic Conference
Place: Moscow, Russia
24.10.2009 Satellite Symposium “Intermed”
Place: Moscow, Russia
23.10.2009 VII International Congress “Traditional Medicine”
Place: Moscow, Russia
23d, October, 2009 - 25th, October, 2009
23.10.2009 Congress Exhibition “Traditional Medicine”
Place: Moscow, Russia
23d, October - 25th, October, 2009
05.06.2009 International Forum “Intergrative Medicine – 2009”
Place: Moscow, Russia
5th, June - 7th, June, 2009