It is published the Final press-release of the International congress “Physical and mental health: traditions and innovations”


The International congress "Physical and mental health: traditions and innovations" was held in Moscow in November 15-16, 2011 within the frames of the Annual autumn scientific session of the Professional association of naturotherapists.

The congress was organized by the noncommercial organization "Professional association of naturotherapists" and SRFI under RAMS with the active support of the Fund of Enlightment "META".
Outstanding scientists and providers of public health, practicing physicians and pharmaceuticals, representatives of the basic religious confessions and public workers from 6 countries and 17 territorial subjects of the Russian Federation took part in the work of the Congress.

The program of the Congress has: academic and research conference "Traditional medicine and religion", four scientific symposiums in different directions in naturo- and dietotherapy, naturopharmacy, homoeopathy and manual therapy, and the exhibition "Naturotherapy and homoeopathy".

Opening speech to the Congress had: the Chairman of Synodical department of the relations between the Church and Society, archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin, Archbishop of the Roman Catholic Church, apostolic nuncio in the Russian Federation Ivan Urkovich, the chairman of the Congress of the Jewish religious communities and organizations of Russia, rabbi Z.L. Kogan, co-chairmen of the Congress's Orgcommittee academician secretary of the RAMS Presidium, director of the SRFI under RAMS academician Tutelian V.A. and the president of NO "Professional association of naturotherapists" professor Kiseleva T.L., chairmen of the board of the FE "META" (V.A.Sigaeva) and RF META (N.N.Shaprova).

Greetings and speeches of the Congress's participants repeatedly underline that in the care about human weal the Saint Church, Orthodoxy and Catholicism, Islam and Hebraism highly appreciate the contribution of the specialists of both academic and official traditional medicine to the work of healthy protection and relief of people's sufferings. However one of the basic facts of restoration, safety and health support in all religious confessions of the RF is following the perfection of the ethical standards and traditions, and also the rebirth and safe of the intellectual values.

The participants of the Congress stated, that almost all officially registered methods of the traditional medicine in our country do not contradict to religious canons; the scientifically proved application in the medical practice is conductive to the resolving of the countrywide tasks in the improvement of health and quality of life.

Moreover, all the reporters solidly appealed the representatives of the medical society and the basic religious confessions of Russia to stand against frequent attempts of the intermixture of the official traditional medicine with the doubtful pseudoscientific healing, and also with the methods, connected with occultism and sectarianism, which promulgate the influence on consciousness, mind and human will, together with the different pseudoreligious schools and practices.

Scientific symposiums on the second day gave the opportunity for the specialists to discuss academic and research aspects of the naturotherapy and homoeopathy, manual technologies, questions of food safety and also the problems of the development and manufacture of the modern medicine of the vegetative origin and high quality BAA to food.

The project of the Resolution, improved by the Orgcommittee according to the suggestions of the Congress's participants, will be published in the official website of the NO "Professional association of naturotherapists".

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